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Returns the minimum and maximum deposit amount and the rate for a pair of coins.

from and to can be coin-network or if network is omitted, it will default to the mainnet. E.g eth-ethereum, eth-mainnet or eth all refer to ETH on the Ethereum network. eth-arbitrum refers to ETH on Arbitrum network.

The rate is determined after incorporating network fees. Without specifying an amount, the system will assume a deposit value of 500 USD. This can be adjusted by adding the amount query parameter.

Rate Example Computations
  • BTC price: 30000 USD
  • USDT price: 1 USD
  • depositCoin: USDT
  • depositNetwork: ethereum
  • settleCoin: BTC
  • USDT receiving fee: 10 USD
  • BTC sending fee: 5 USD
  • Default deposit amount: 500 USD

Without specifying the amount at the endpoint, we can calculate the rate as follows:

Rate X = ( default deposit amount - (USDT receiving fee + BTC sending fee) / default deposit amount) / BTC price
Rate X = 0.000032333333333

With a specified amount at the endpoint, such as 10000, we can calculate the rate as follows:

Rate Y = ( specified amount - (USDT receiving fee + BTC sending fee) / specified amount) / BTC price
Rate Y = 0.000033283333333

With a specified amount of 10000, the rate is higher. This is because the 15 USD combined network fee has a reduced impact on larger shifts, making it less significant in the overall cost of the 500 USD shift.


Path Parameters

    from stringrequired
    to stringrequired

Query Parameters

    amount number


    min stringrequired
    max stringrequired
    rate stringrequired
    depositCoin stringrequired
    settleCoin stringrequired
    depositNetwork stringrequired
    settleNetwork stringrequired