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Create fixed shift



After requesting a quote, use the quoteId to create a fixed rate shift with the quote. The affiliateId must match the one used to request the quote.

For fixed rate shifts, a deposit of exactly the amount of depositAmount must be made before the expiresAt timestamp, otherwise the deposit will be refunded.

For shifts that return a depositMemo, the deposit transaction must include this memo, otherwise the deposit might be lost.

For shifts settling in coins where hasMemo is true in the /coins endpoint, API users are allowed to specify a settleMemo field, for example "settleMemo": "123343245".

x-sideshift-secret header is required. It can be obtained from the account page under the account secret.

refundAddress and refundMemo are optional, if not defined, user will be prompted to enter a refund address manually on the order page if the shift needs to be refunded.


x-sideshift-secret is your account's private key.

If the API requests are sent from the integrations own server, the x-user-ip header must be set to the end-user IP address. Otherwise the requests will be blocked. See Permissions.

averageShiftSeconds represent the average time in seconds it takes for SideShift to process a shift once the users deposit in confirmed in the blockchain


Header Parameters

    x-sideshift-secret stringrequired
    x-user-ip string

    end-user IP address for integrations API requests


    settleAddress stringrequired
    settleMemo string

    for coins that hasMemo is true

    affiliateId stringrequired

    affiliateId used to request the quote

    quoteId stringrequired
    refundAddress string
    refundMemo string


    id stringrequired
    createdAt stringrequired
    depositCoin stringrequired
    settleCoin stringrequired
    depositNetwork stringrequired
    settleNetwork stringrequired
    depositAddress stringrequired
    depositMemo string
    settleAddress stringrequired
    settleMemo string
    depositMin stringrequired
    depositMax stringrequired
    refundAddress string
    refundMemo string
    type stringrequired
    quoteId stringrequired
    depositAmount stringrequired
    settleAmount stringrequired
    expiresAt stringrequired
    status stringrequired
    averageShiftSeconds stringrequired
    rate stringrequired