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Request quote



For fixed rate shifts, a quote should be requested first.

A quote can be requested for either a depositAmount or a settleAmount.

When defining non-native tokens like AXS and USDT for depositCoin and/or settleCoin, the depositNetwork and settleNetwork fields must also be specified. This also applies to native tokens like ETH that supports multiple networks.

commissionRate optional parameter can be used to offer a better rate for your users by reducing the affiliate commission paid by SideShift.

If the API requests are sent from the integrations own server, the x-user-ip header must be set to the end-user IP address. Otherwise the requests will be blocked. See Permissions.

After the quote request, a fixed rate shift should be created using the `id` returned by the /quotes endpoint.

A quote expires after 15 minutes.


x-sideshift-secret is your account's private key.


Header Parameters

    x-sideshift-secret stringrequired
    x-user-ip string

    end-user IP address for integrations API requests


    depositCoin stringrequired
    depositNetwork string

    required for non-native tokens (e.g. AXS, USDT) and multi-network native tokens (e.g. ETH).

    settleCoin stringrequired
    settleNetwork string

    required for non-native tokens (e.g. AXS, USDT) and multi-network native tokens (e.g. ETH).

    depositAmount stringnullablerequired

    if null, settleAmount is required

    settleAmount stringnullablerequired

    if null, depositAmount is required

    affiliateId stringrequired


    id stringrequired
    createdAt stringrequired
    depositCoin stringrequired
    settleCoin stringrequired
    depositNetwork stringrequired
    settleNetwork stringrequired
    expiresAt stringrequired
    depositAmount stringrequired
    settleAmount stringrequired
    rate stringrequired
    affiliateId string